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All right, so let's move on to the watch itself.

It's just got a couple of different little.

And the name is program! Because the watches from this series have an innovative double housing that reliably protects the Ronda movement from unfavorable influences from the outside.

Elements for a comfortable feel-good atmosphere

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It has these stickers that are on the side of the case.

For years I have kept it in passing for a construction of the Ostmoderne. Because the operating rights of the railways in the whole of Berlin were covered by the Reichsbahn of the GDR until 1990, the postwar structures of the railway in West Berlin - like the reception buildings of Gesundbrunnen or Halensee (both demolished after 1990) - usually came from GDR architects , All? No, the interlocking WL at Innsbrucker Platz 1968-71 is actually from the well-known Breitling Replica Watches Swiss "subway architects" of the West Berlin Senate, Rainer G. Rümmler (Source: Berlin and its buildings Part X Volume B (2) long-distance traffic, Berlin 1984). But today this interesting exposed concrete construction is unused and vandalism damaged.

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6263 or 6240.

At 10 minutes, I can not turn the bezel the other direction.

At the end of 2017, it became clear that an automatic watch was also to be launched on the market - also in Bauhaus design, classic and elegant. The star glass fans did not tire of asking for a mechanical watch. To test comes one of the first pre-production copies, built for the official presentation in Hamburg on 24 January.

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Gonna pop that crown back in, adjust the date, and now we're on the date setting function.

Usually we are surrounded by straight walls and right angles in buildings. The house Birkedal breaks with this common architectural design principle. What can already be read from the outside manifests itself inside: the individual spaces are formulated as round floor plans. And they draw wide circles in planning, because conventional painting IWC Watches Go To The Desert on the wall is virtually impossible. Accordingly, custom-made solutions are found in every room: from the round sofa to the fitted in-wall installation in the bathroom. As a counterpart to the façade, which fake is clad with natural spruce logs, the interior walls are provided with white wooden slats. The floor, however, consists of light beach pebble mosaic. With brass details, the German architect Jan Henrik Jansen sets glittering accents.

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